Stakeholder Engagement

Educational and volunteering programmes

Partnership with the Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park

Located in Krasnoyarsk, the Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park is a state nature reserve that plays a key role in carbon dioxide absorption. Considerable volumes of carbon dioxide emissions are absorbed by forest ecosystems in state nature reserves across the world. Nature reserves also help mitigate other impacts of global climate change.

The national park is home to the Bobrovy Log Fun Park, a world-class all-weather sports and recreation park, part of Norilsk Nickel Group. Since 2018, the Fun Park has been running a partnership programme with the Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park with a focus on a variety of areas.

Siberian Perspective eco-rally

On 30 September and 1 October 2022, Nornickel, with the support from the National Corporate Volunteering Council and the Russian Managers Association, used the Bobrovy Log Fun Park premises to host the Second Siberian Perspective International Environmental Convention.

The event focused on climate change issues and the role of humankind in the new climate agenda. The event’s programme had two tracks: a business programme involving the industry’s leading speakers, and a volunteering programme, which had participants create cross-functional teams to enhance ties within the eco-volunteering community and motivate employees to promote the environmental agenda among co-workers and communities at large.

The sessions discussed:

  • approaches to adaptation to climate change nationally and regionally and the impact of the business community on national plans;
  • urban space development amid adaptation to climate change;
  • importance of social and environmental projects involving employees across geographies of operation.

During the event, volunteers set up a meteorological viewing point at the Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park, installing six weather meters and information boards with insights into many years of climate observations in the region.

Green School, a free educational project for children aged 7–13

The Bobrovy Log Fun Park runs the Green School project, which offers workshops, lectures, fun games, and a trade fair for children. One of the Green School modules focused on state nature reserves as major contributors to climate action.

EV charging station

Since June 2023, the Bobrovy Log Fun Park has a charging station for electric vehicles, with all EV owners eligible for free parking space on the park’s premises.

Arctic Lessons

In 2022, an educational interactive lesson called “Seven Wonders of the Arctic” was developed by Nornickel’s corporate volunteers as part of the Let's Do It annual environmental marathon to foster greater awareness of the Arctic nature and the issues of its conservation. By February 2023, a total of 111 lessons had been held at 108 educational facilities for a combined audience of 2,620 people. Themes covered during the lessons among other things included climate change in the Arctic.

Interaction with indigenous communities

Nornickel is in consultations with indigenous peoples, their communities and reindeer herding farms, inter alia to discuss the impact of climate on traditional nature resource use practices, fishing conditions, domestic reindeer grazing, and wild reindeer migration routes. In the Murmansk Region, four open meetings were held with representatives of the Sámi, Komi (of the Izhma River) and Nenets peoples, residents of the villages of Lovozero and Krasnoshchelye, as well as a meeting of working groups of Sámi non-governmental and reindeer herding organisations. In the Taimyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky Municipal District, the Coordinating Council for Indigenous Minorities, together with the Company's Polar Division, regularly holds Company meetings with residents of local settlements.

Indigenous people

Interaction with non-profit organisations

Nornickel is actively promoting the climate agenda. The Company provides expert and methodological assistance to other industry players in order to deliver against national climate goals, share experience, and develop the best solutions to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goal. Among other things, Nornickel is a member of the National ESG Alliance and takes part in its climate agenda activities as part of committees and working groups.